The Protektor brand of profiles for plaster, render and drywall has been established for over 100 years. The first to introduce the manufacture of plaster bead and drywall steel profiles for partitions and ceiling constructions in Europe we have continued to develop and innovation solutions to meet the needs of system partners and the construction industry alike.
Innovation, product development and manufacturing are our speciality, but the ability to listen to your requirements is our skill. Let us support your team with ours. We hope to hear from you soon.


Sustainable Drywall Partitions

MAXI-TEC is a sustainable steel partition range of profiles which actively contribute to ensure that sustainable guidelines can be reached and show how ecology, economy and ergonomics can be combined in drywall construction. The design uses less raw material in the manufacturing process when compared to traditional drywall products, which in turn means reduced energy consumption, waste and CO2 emissions. MAXI-TEC stud and track profiles are a high performance, low cost, quality metal friction fit construction used to form the support frame for non-load bearing plasterboard partitions.


Sustainability doesn’t need to cost the Earth

Protektor MAXI-TEC a sustainable cost-effective solution

  • Only lightweight steel partition with 1.5 EPD MAT 2 Points
  • Recognition by buildings assessment schemes, such as BREEAM
  • 10 tonnes MAXI-TEC produces 3.6 tonnes less C02 than traditional standard stud.
  • Reduced weight providing safer manual handling 12%-18% lighter than standard stud
  • Easy installation of M&E, reducing potential delays onsite regarding snagging
  • Achieves as part of a system regulations for acoustics & fire
  • Cut to length service available for projects, therefore reducing waste on site

    Show off your design, creativity and skills - No limits!

    TRIM-TEX coined the term drywall art, meaning the adaptive use of materials and accessories to enhance the standard flat and squared edge world of drywall. Drywall art can be found in a variety of forms, including decorative archways, rounded edges, built-in shelves and more. Since drywall art's inception TRIM-TEX has encouraged creative designs incorporating a wide range of finishing solutions developed to simplify the finishing process.

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